Russia, 440039, Penza, Pr. Baidukova / Ul. Gagarina, 1a / 11, block 1, room 220, 221, 224

Administrative Staff

Dean   |   room 1-221

Aleksandr N. Rasstegaev
Dean of the Faculty of International Students Education
Ph.D. in Engineering, Associate Professor

Responsible for:

  • providing and coordinating teamwork of the Dean's office;
  • academic and scientific work of international students based on the Programmes of Pre-University Courses, Bachelor and Master’s Degree Educational Programmes and Postgraduate Studies(Aspirantura);
  • supplying International Academic Mobility Programmes; providing international collaboration.

Dean Office Staff    |   room  1-220

Aleksandra I. Timofeeva
File Clerk


Responsible for:

  • making orders for settling into and evicting foreign students from a dormitory;
  • issuing invoice details for paying accomodation fees;
  • doing paperwork for settling international students into a dormitory;
  • issuing invoice details for paying University fees; 
  • contracts/bills/statements paperwork;
  • doing paperwork for electronic entry passes;
  • document management;
  • assisting in paperwork.


Kristina A. Vostrokhnutova
Leading Specialist in Working with International Students


Svetlana V. Tyurdeneva
Leading Specialist in Working with International Students

Visa Support Office   |   room  1-220


Responsible for:

  • interaction with the Federal Migration Services of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Penza Oblast on migration legislation issues;
  •  visa processing, executing invitations to foreign nationals and their registration in the Russian Federation;
  • doing paperwork for registering with the Federal Migration Services at a place of stay(residence);
  • executing invitations to foreign nationals to enter the Russian Federation in order to join in pre-university courses, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate educational programmes;
  • handing in information sheets on request;
  • deconflicting;
  • concluding agency agreements;
  • monitoring international students’ change of personal information;
  • informing government/state bodies of the Russian Federation about international students’ study leave, completion or termination of training, unapproved departure from an educational organization if it is necessary in accordance with the Federal Law;
  • explaining the Russian Federation legislative system and internal regulations at PenzGTU to foreign nationals;
  • controlling over the departure of PenzGTU international students to their home country within the established time.
  • analyzing, compiling and issuing necessary information on request in proper time.

Dean’s Office Staff   |   room 1-224


Ksenia I. Lyagina
Curriculum Coordinator


Responsible for:

  • assisting teachers in curricula and syllabi content;
  • interacting with teachers in classes attendance control;
  • doing paperwork to perform a procedure to confirm compliance of the students’ international diplomas;
  • contacting the body which confirms this compliance;
  • admissions and recruiting students;
  • supporting Pre-University Course students;
  • academic progress and classes attendance monitoring;
  • scheduling and translating it into foreign languages;
  • informing about any changes in the timetable;
  • educational work with international students.


Kristina A. Shepeleva
Specialist in Working with International Students 


Responsible for:

  • assistance in obtaining voluntary policy of medical insurance in proper time;
  • monitoring international students health insurance programme submitted by insurance company(cost, validity period of a policy and  number of insured events covered by the VMI);
  • monitoring preliminary/regular medical examinations by foreign students;
  • medical appointment booking;
  • doing preliminary work for recognition procedure of educational credentials and teamwork with the organization responsible for that;
  • verification of applications for admission to University;
  • admissions and recruiting students;
  • representing foreign students’ interests in police, medical institutions, banks etc.).

Olga A. Logvina 
Head of the Pre-University Programme Department


Responsible for:

  • concepts development for effective recruiting and admissions of international students;
  • educational process monitoring;
  • teaching stuff recruitment;
  • guidance on scheduling;
  • interaction with agents and representatives of international students;
  • interaction with teachers on educational process monitoring.