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FISE: We Give a Holiday in the New Year

Dec. 29, 2021

Become revived with New Year spirit, learn good traditions of the most mysterious holiday in Russia, give happiness and joy to each other – the staff of the Faculty of International Students Education and the teachers of Russian as a foreign language could remarkably do all this for the International students.

On New Year’s Eve the International students of all faculties and the students of the Pre-University Department gathered together at the festive event. “We have united them by our traditional round dance, given them the possibility to feel like a part of a big country and offered to demonstrate their communication skills in Russian, - shared the information Ksenia I. Lyagina, one of the organizers and FISE educator. – Appearance of a real Ded Moroz and Snegurochka became a pleasant surprise, which astonished our students and caused the most positive emotions!”

The foreigners followed our tradition: they read Ded Moroz poetry, were pleased with the New Year games, shared their creativity with the others. The songs in Arabic and English gave the event an International format, and the New Year's tea party warmed with the heat of a home holiday.

The festive New Year’s party ended with a disco.