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PenzGTU Team Received Support from All Russia Khakaton “Technologies of Opportunities” Prize Fund

Dec. 28, 2021

December 24-26 2021, the finalists of the “Laboratory of Social Project Planning” project, supported by Rosmolodezh, took part in All Russia Khakaton “Technologies of Opportunities”. The forum of developers was held by Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Center for Social Innovations Development “Technologies of Opportunities” supported by Moscow Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy.

2 teams represented PenzGTU in “Technopolis “Moscow” JSC Congress Centre:

1) Kristina Bogochanova (18BT1ba), Elizaveta Katkina (20TP1bp); Ilya O.Sirkin (20MT1bp) (the project “Multifunctional Phone/Tablet Holder for People with Health Limitations and Disabilities”).

2) Pavel Piyaiko (20BT1bp); Aleksei Obukhov (21 IP1bp) (the project “Development of a Website for the Selection of Vitamin Complexes from Natural Foods Based on Sublimation for People with Gastrointestinal Disabilities "NatureVit").

The 30-hours developers marathon gathered over 80 participants – 14 teams, each of them offered their own unique idea that could make the lives of people with disabilities easier and more comfortable. Dozens of experts in the rehabilitation industry supported the participants.

According to the results of an hour-long discussion and confidential debates of experts, 7 teams became winners, with PenzGTU team (Kristina Bogochanova Elizaveta Katkina, Ilya Sirkin), defending the project “Holder+” - “Multifunctional Phone/Tablet Holder for People with Health Limitations and Disabilities” among them. The team received a 150 000 rubles grant support from Khakaton prize fund. “Participation in Khakaton and the project “Laboratory of Social Project Planning” is a very important stage of scientific project work, - is sure Kristina Bogochanova, the head of the winning project. – We are extremely happy to win, we were dreaming about it, unforgettable experience and positive emotions, which gives real creation, essential for the people and society. We are grateful to our consultants Ivan Zatsepin and Elena A.Zatsepina, to our tutors Yulia A.Dianova and Anna V.Nazarenko”.

Pavel Piyaiko, the head of the second team mentions the high level of All Russian Khakaton: “I would like to point out the scientific level of the projects, e.g. constructor for blind and visually impaired “Sirius”, mobile application for rehabilitation of people suffering from cognitive disorder; development of APC for Parkinson disease diagnostic assessment based on monitoring of lower limbs movement; “Virtual Walking Stick for Self-Navigation”. I am sure that with such young people, our country will have a wonderful engineering future."

Yulia A.Dianova and Anna V.Nazarenko” were expressed gratitude for the help in organizing the All Russia Khakaton “Technologies of Opportunities”

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of the project “Laboratory of Social Project Planning”!

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