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A Student from PenzGTU Met with the Minister in the Framework of Student Council Work

Dec. 27, 2021

December 27 the first meeting of the Student Council at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education took place, at which Ilya Kuptsov, a student from PenzGTU, represented our region in the Council. It was preceded by the acquaintance of the participants, who will work together on various issues of improving the system of national education and attracting young people to science.

The initiative of creating a body at the Ministry for direct dialogue with the students, which would represent their interests, was supported in May 2021. Out of 1,5 thousand of those who wished to participate in it, 82 students, representing almost all regions of the Russian Federation, passed a serious selection with the help of «Russia – the Country of Opportunities» platform.

On the first day of the Council work there were important meetings, the main of which was with Valery Nikolaevich Falkov, the Head of Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

«The Minister asked us to make proposals on which we can work consistently and jointly in 2022, - said Ilya. In the conversation, we touched upon the issues of grants for the publication of scientific articles by students and the impact of distance learning on the quality of education, individual training schedule, support for the development of regional universities».

The Head of the Ministry said that the work in these areas was already underway: the state had supported a change in the strategy for scientific journals. Besides, a competition aimed at supporting student scientific societies will be held in 2022. The “Priority 2030” programme largely solves the issues of individualization of education.

«I saw a person, interested in the development of science and education, a person who cares about the opinion and initiatives of young people, - shared his impressions Ilya. I hope that within the framework of the Council's work we will be able to contribute to the improvement of the national education system”.

The work of the council will last until December 28.