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«Intercultural Dialogue»: Summing Up

Dec. 21, 2021

In 2021 Penza State Technological University received a grant support from the Federal Youth Agency for «Intercultural Dialogue», a complex of events for International and Russian students. It was aimed at projects implementation, chosen on the results of All Russian Contest of Youth Projects among Universities. «Intercultural Dialogue» is a series of communicational and educational forums and events for International and Russian students, - saya Ksenia Lyagina, the project curator. All events are aimed at the formation and strengthening of citizenship, patriotism, interethnic tolerance, harmonization of national and interethnic relations, intercultural communication skills, cooperation in the interethnic community of the university, teamwork. Teaching the learners student self-governing skills became an important part of training».

The project has become a tradition and is held every year. This year from September to December 9 events have been held in the framework of the project. 250 students of different years of study and forms of instruction took part in the events. Among them were the representatives of Russia, Tadjikistan, Kirgizia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt.

«Intercultural Dialogue» allowed the students of different nationalities not only to learn cultural and ethnic peculiarities of each other but also create close interaction on training in a multicultural environment, develop tolerant and harmonic relations in the regional student community and discuss plans for further interethnic cooperation development. These results were obtained thanks to the following forums: «Intercultural Dialogue» round tables on effective cultural interaction in the modern world, teambuilding forums, trainings with a psychologist on tolerance development, meetings with experts on interpersonal and intercultural communications, acquaintance with folk traditions of the region during tours. One of the events of the project was an interactive forum «Russian in 60 Seconds», which helped the foreign students effectively adapt to the training conditions in the Russian University.

"The project allows us to solve the problem of negative manifestations in the student environment of the region, optimize the process of adaptation of students to a new intercultural environment, strengthen tolerance between students. On the results of the project we have developed a plan of interethnic communication between the students of the University and the region for the coming year”, - says Daria Lagutova, the project organizator.

We hope that the “Intercultural Dialogue” project will be held at our University again and again and all PenzGTU students will benefit from it.

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