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«What's this in Russian?»: Training of the «Intercultural Dialogue» Project

Dec. 3, 2021

December 1 a final event of «Intercultural Dialogue» project was held in the reading hall of PenzGTU. The training on knowledge of the Russian language peculiarities «Russian in 60 Seconds» united Russian and International students from Algeria, Morocco and Egypt.

«We united the participants into small teams and invited them to complete several tasks, which can be characterized by the question "What's this in Russian?, - says VictoriaV.Mushkova, senior teacher of «Translation and Translation Science» Department and one of the organizers and presenter of the event. –Composing words, reading tongue twisters, guessing riddles, explaining the meanings of words - this is a small list of tasks that foreign students performed with passion and great pleasure».

The students from Russia helped the foreigners. «It was important for us to create the atmosphere of a friendly support, - shares Ksenia I. Lyagina, FISE Educator. – The students, especially those who are in their first year in Russia, realised that here people are ready to help them, including overcoming the language barrier. And judging by the students' attitude, the project «Intercultural Dialogue» successfully copes with this task».

The training ended with summing up the results of the communicative tasks. The members of the international winning team became the owners of necessary prizes – books about world places of interest, history and culture of Russia. #межкультурныйдиалог

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