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Stay at Home – Get Ready for “Umnik”

Nov. 5, 2021

November 8th 2021, PenzGTU is hosting a semi-final of projects selection on the “Umnik” programme, held with the support of the “Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology” in the framework of International scientific and technical conference “Topical Issues of Modern Science: Theory and Practice of Scientific Studies”.

“Students and young scientists aged 18 to 30 take part in the contest, - says Y.A.Dianova, the Head of the Department of Research Work with Students. – The projects apply for grants from the Foundation in the amount of 500,000 rubles, the evaluation of the application is carried out by experts of the accredited semi-final event according to the criterion "Scientific and technical level of the product underlying the project".

The projects were presented in 6 contest nominations:

N1. Digital Technologies;

N2. Medicine and Health Protection;

N3. New Materials and Chemical Technologies;

N4. New Devices and Intellectual Production Technologies;

N5. Biotechnologies;

N6. Resource-saving Energetics

The semi-final selection is taking place in the conference hall of PenzGTU building 1 at 13.30.

«I appeal to everyone who sent an application: spend these days at home, finalize materials and presentations, let the non-working days be a good opportunity to bring your project to perfection! - Yulia Alexandrovna calls on the participants. –  I am ready to answer all your questions by email:»