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The Students from PenzGTU Learnt to Develop Interpersonal Relations in Multinational Environment

Oct. 30, 2021

On October 27 a scheduled event of the “Intercultural Dialogue” project took place at PenzGTU, its participants were the students from different countries and of different nationalities, studying at our University.

This time, the development of interpersonal relationships in the process of teamwork the students discussed with D.A. Averyanov, a PenzGTU graduate, coach and organizer of the All-Russian School of Personal Growth and Development of Student Self-Government "Progress", trainer-facilitator of educational programmes.

“My goal was to teach the students how to build an effective group communication, - says Denis. –In the face of not only representatives of different countries, but also different cultures, it is necessary to create such atmosphere in which each participant of the communication will feel involved in the common work, useful to the team and heard by it. The most acceptable form for solving such a problem is a business game."

The students from Russia, Tajikistan, Algeria and Morocco took an intercultural quiz. Together in teams, the students solved common tasks, learned simple interaction in unusual language environment, found solutions and enjoyed the common success.

“Competitiveness in friendly ambience can unite people, - assures Ksenia Lyagina, the project curator and FISE curriculum coordinator. The events of the “Intercultural Dialogue” have been confirming this for years, so our students are happy to participate in them”.

The team from Algeria became the quiz winner; its members received memorable prizes – mugs with the logo of the “Intercultural Dialogue” project. We congratulate the students and wish them successful training in Russia!



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