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PenzGTU Coorganized the International Forum of Mathematical Education Promotion

Oct. 13, 2021

 October 6th, the International Forum of Mathematical Education Promotion (IFMEP 2021) was opened simultaneously at HSE University in Moscow and Jussieu Institute of Mathematics, Sorbonne University in Paris. The first event of the forum was conducted in a hybrid format: some speakers and participants gathered at the central sites of the forum, but the majority of the participants from different countries, interested in mathematics positioning, took part in webcast.

Pavel Shevtsov, the Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo officially welcomed the participants, which were over 400.” We hope that this event will not be the last one, that the dialogue among different associations will be launched from both sides at the Forum and will be continued in the form of joint projects, attracting new participants, teachers, researchers, popularizers, authors as well as pupils, students, parents”, - he noted in his video appeal.

Gilles Mametz, the Deputy Director of the French University in Moscow, in turn, pointed out the importance of the event and expressed his confidence that such communication between scientists, teachers, cultural figures determines the overall positive vector in the development of scientific, educational and cultural ties between France and Russia.

The world mathematical science at the forum was represented by two Fields Prize Laureates, mathematicians Stanislav Smirnov and Maxim Kontsevich and the scientists representing mathematical and educational schools of Russia and France: Martin Andler, Vice-president of the French Association “Animath”, Alexandra Skripchenko, Dean of Mathematics Department of HSE University, I.V.Yashchenko, Head of Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education and A.B.Sosinsky, Vice- Rector of Independent Moscow University. The common message in all the speeches was the understanding of the inextricable link between French and Russian mathematicians, the desire to maintain the positive dynamics of cooperation that has united different generations of mathematicians of the two countries.

"During the strategic session, reports were presented by Ekaterina Eremenko director and producer, author of films about mathematics and mathematicians, Gilles Cohen, the editor of “Le magazine "Tangente", Dmitry Bayuk, the head of the selection committee of the "Educator" prize, Houria Lafrance, the representative of the Toulouse project “Maths on Stage”, Nikolai Andreev, the head of the Laboratory of Popularization and Promotion of Mathematics at Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Olivier Druet, the representative of Center of Mathematics and Computer Science in Lion, - says Aleksandr Kindaev, one of the project curators, PhD in Engineering, PenzGTU research scientist. – The presented reports on educational and documentary films, original mathematical publications telling simply about the complex, new forms of presentation of mathematical knowledge – "stupid drawings", short films, stage productions, as well as children's magazines - caused a lively discussion among the participants, including chat rooms, they touched upon the issues of new teaching methods, the commonality of some approaches in French and Russian teaching of mathematics in schools. I am sincerely glad that Penza scientists and teachers have responded to our proposal and are taking part in the forum”.

The teachers, attending the face-to-face sites noted the high practical significance of the reports presented. “I received a lot of useful information today, - says Svetlana Radaeva, a teacher of Mathematics at school 1155 (Moscow), one of the participants of the face-to-face forum format. There are a lot of new formats of teaching Maths, e.g. mathematical films, which can attract talented pupils to learning Maths. I will certainly use these in my practice, particularly in the implementation of the ”Mathematical Vertical” project. It is important that today we learned not only about Russian developments, but also about the popularization of mathematics in France. It's an interesting and rewarding experience."

“I know a lot about Russian projects in the field of popularization, but I see something of what was presented today for the first time, and it seems very interesting”, - says Dmitry Zvonkin, the researcher of Versailles Mathematical Center and a Maths teacher at school of additional training “Russian Gymnasium” in Paris.

The event ended with presentations dedicated to the memory of the great Russian mathematicians - Pafnutiy Chebyshev (200 years since his birth) and Mstislav Keldysh (110 years since his birth), highlighting their roles in the formation of the Russian mathematical school, and discussing their contribution to the development of domestic and world science.

You can watch the recording of the first day of the Forum on the Youtube channel of the Forum IFMEP2021 at

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