Russia, 440039, Penza, Pr. Baidukova / Ul. Gagarina, 1a / 11, block 1, room 220, 221, 224

Meeting of Master and Bachelor's Degree students of the «Calculating Machines and Systems» Department

Sept. 21, 2021

September 8th-9th ,  the representatives of the International IT company “Neoflex”, a leading software and professional IT services developer in a banking sector visited PenzGTU. For over 15 years “Neoflex” has been focusing on the implementation of federal-scale IT projects in the interests of the largest Russian and foreign organizations.

Masters and Bachelors degree students of the “Computer Science and Engineering” and “Software Engineering” training programmes met with potential employers.

The visitors Tatiana V. Novikova, the head of the HR group of the Neoflex branch in Penza; Irina Y.Balashova, the head of young specialists training programme of the Neoflex branch in Penza; Engeniy Y. Podgoretsky, the team lead for business testing of the "Neoflex Front Office"; Aleksei E. Mokarev, a business developer «SOA-VTB», - told the students about their company, their career development in the company.

They dwelt in detail on the main activities of the company and told them about the vacancies available:

  • developer (Java, Script, Front-end, SQL/Big Data);
  • QA engineer(tester);
  • analyst;
  • engineer for solutions built in microservice architecture (MSA) operation and development;
  • DevOps engineer.

“We offer a free training on trending technologies for senior students, - mentioned T.A.Novikova in her speech, - and we are inviting the students to our centre for training specialists”.

I.Y.Balashova noted the advantages that their company is ready to provide to PenzGTU students:

  • free training with the prospect of further employment in the company;
  • online lessons in the students’ free time;
  • soft skills and technical skills development;
  • invaluable practice and best experience from their leading employees.

As well as that, she mentioned their “Neoflex” branch-based training centre. “Anyone can apply on the site of the Centre for Training Specialists Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the competition and get the opportunity to join a team of real professionals!"

As Irina Yurievna noted in her speech, applications and results of entrance testing are accepted until the end of September 2021.The training launches on October 11 2021. The training lasts 3 months.

«The meetings of this type is a really valuable and successful cooperation experience with the employing company, - said A.I.Martyshkin, the Head of the «Calculating Machines and Systems» Department. – We should certainly conduct them regularly, they help to increase the interest of students and stimulate them to work in their field of training. I sincerely hope that our Department will continue to cooperate with the «Neoflex» company.