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Language Centre LINGUA STUDIO Invites!

Sept. 16, 2021

As usual, the academic year begins in mid-October at the LINGUA STUDIO language centre of the Department of Foreign Languages.

The LINGUA STUDIO Centre invites everyone who would like to get speaking skills at different level courses on the programmes:

English for Adults. Elementary level

English for Adults. Pre-intermediate level

English for Adults. Intermediate level

English for Adults. Upper-intermediate level

Deutsch für Anfänger.


Do you wish to learn to discuss (orally and in writing) professional issues with your overseas colleagues? Then we invite you to join our special purpose English courses:

English for Special Purposes. IT

English for Special Purposes. Economics

Enrollment into different level groups is held after a free diagnosis test. The classes – an hour and a half twice a week – take place in groups of 6-8 people at comfortable time. After finishing the course the students get certificates.

You can apply for a course in the LINGUA STUDIO Centre at the Department of Foreign Languages (room 1-316) or contact Elena Yurievna by phone 89875051985.

Do you still have questions? Ask your foreign language teacher!