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A Third of PenzGTU Graduates Received Diplomas with Honours

July 12, 2021

512 graduates of Penza State Technological University have received Diplomas of Higher Education.

All of them – Bachelors and Masters – are ready to fulfill themselves both at the enterprises of our region and outside it. “It has been estimated that one in two internal student and almost all extra-mural students have got work experience, - notices Dmitry V. Pashchenko, rector of PenzGTU. - This is facilitated by the system of education at the University, which allows you to combine study and work at senior courses, study according to an individual plan, and apply the knowledge obtained at the university in practice even before graduation."

This year the number of graduates with Diplomas with Honours is equal at different faculties – a third of the FAIT, FIT, FBT graduates (35%) have received certificates with honours. Master’s degree graduates of “Biotechnology and Technosphere safety” Department in “Biotechnology” training programme are absolute leaders in honours students (75%), whereas Masters degree graduates in «Information Systems and Technologies» (70%), «Produce Technology and Catering» (67%), «Automation of Technological Processes and Production» (63%), «Computer Science and Engineering» (62%) have taken the second and third positions.

Superiority among full time bachelors is consistently held by the graduates of the following training programmes: «Biotechnology» (45%), «Quality Control» (43%), «Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Production» (40%). The graduates of the Specialist programme «Implementation and Use of Special Purpose Automated Systems» have joined the group of leaders with 40% honours students.

Congratulations to the graduates of PenzGTU, we wish them a successful career in the future!