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Where do International Students Go to Study?

July 2, 2021

The answer is – to different educational programmes at PenzGTU. And the evidence of this is the success of our graduates, who in June this year defended their qualification works in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

 Engineers and constructors, specialists  in IT and biotechnology, economists and teachers are among them. All of them now have to apply their knowledge in professional field and be sure to succeed!

The most popular among international students are educational programmes of «Biotechnology and Technosphere Safety» Department. This year 7 Bachelor and 3 Master's degree graduates have received their diplomas. They represent 7 countries:

18.03.02 Energy and Resource-saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology, programme profile «Processes and Devices in Chemistry, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology»

 Atadzhan B. Babamuratov, Atabek O. Omurov, Serdar A. Rovshenov, Davlatyar K. Khudaibergenov (Turkmenistan)

Balhadzh Muad Nabil Masud (Libya)

Zharkynaiym T. Bekkulova (Kyrgyzstan)

Azizshokh Ulugzoda (Tadjikistan)

20.04.01 Technosphere Safety, Master's degree programme «Safety Control in Technosphere»

Allotey Willingham Graham Sanjaya (Ghana)

Zerruky Nabil (Algeria)

Osmeda Abdulkrim Akram Masud (Libya)

Other areas of training are also of interest. The following students defended their diplomas with good and excellent grades:

09.03.03 «Applied Informatics»

Shakhruz O. Khakinov, Ismoilchon I. Boboyev(Tadjikistan)

15.03.05 «Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Industries»

Boni-Oriji Felix Chinozom(Nigeria)

Ayadi Ashraf (Tunisia)

19.03.04 «Produce Technology and Catering»

Dmitry Galayev (Turkmenistan)

12.03.04  «Biotechnical Systems and Technologies»

Abukalil Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, Badran Hussein Ali Abdelkhani Mohamed (Egypt)

44.03.04   Professional Training (within a particular field)

Munozhat Rozimova (Turkmenistan)

45.03.03   «Fundamental and Applied Linguistics»

Oelei Oluvemayova David

«We strive to ensure that our international students, studying in Russian-speaking groups, have the same opportunities as Russian students, - says Aleksandr Rasstegaev, the Dean of FISE. – The fact that students, coming to us from near and far abroad countries study successfully, participate in student events and defend their final qualification works proves that PenzGTU is a comfortable university for foreigners».

Thinking of getting higher education? Welcome to PenzGTU!