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Two Students from PenzGTU Representing the Region at «Engineers of the Future» Forum

May 4, 2021

This decision was made during the announcement of the results of the University contest “Contribution into the Future” as well as in the process of discussing applications submitted to the forum by the students of PenzGTU. “It is worth noting that for our students and young scientists, participation in the forum is not a novelty, - says Y.Dianova, Head of the SRWS sector. – The first University team took part in it in 2011 and since 2019 the representatives of PenzGTU have been the members of the regional team of the engineers of the future”.
The applicants had to pass a strict selection process. The leadership of the regional branch of the National Public Organization “Russian Engineering Union” had the last word at that. Svetlana Balashova, the captain of the regional team, met with the applicants in person. She told them about the conditions and requirements of the International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the Future”.
According to the results of the selection, in 2021, two innovators from PenzGTU are going to defend the honor of the Penza region – Nadezhda Komarova, the head of the Student Scientific and Design Campus, the student of the first course Master’s degree programme and Mansur Abdu, the 3rd course student Bachelor’s degree. They are both studying at the faculty of biotechnology and are regular participants in scientific events both at University and beyond it. Furthermore, each of them has repeatedly won various youth scientific competitions.
“For me the forum is the next stage of career development in student science, - says Nadezhda. – I am sure that my participation will allow the regional team to successfully establish itself at all the platforms of the “Engineers of the Future”.
Mansur Abdu is also very hopeful about the forum. “ For me as a foreign student it is a great honour to represent the Russian university at the forum, - he assures. – I’ll try to successfully present my projects at the Project Conveyer and build cooperation with businessmen from Russia and abroad.
The forum will be held in the home of gunsmiths in Tula region in the middle of the summer 2021.