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The procedure for the entry of foreign citizens into the Russian Federation

    What are the Rules of Entry of Foreign Nationals to the Russian Federation for Study Purposes at Institutions of Higher Education and Vocational Educational Institutions (further- Organizations)?

Foreign students can enter the territory of the Russian Federation for study purposes.   

Foreign students and stateless persons, entering the territory of the Russian Federation from the territories of Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the Eurasian Economic Union through airway Border Inspection Posts, from September 1st 2021 while entering the Russian Federation must submit a negative PCR test in the mobile application “Travelling COVID-19 Free” taken no earlier than 3 calendar days before entering the territory of the Russian Federation.
     At the moment, for International preparatory course students entry to Russia is allowed from the following countries:

•    Great Britain
•    Tanzania
•    Turkey
•    Switzerland
•    Egypt
•    Maldives
•    The United Arab Emirates
•    Kazakhstan
•    Kyrgyzstan
•    The Republic of Korea
•    Cuba
•    Serbia
•    Japan
•    Seychelles
•    Ethiopia
•    Vietnam
•    India
•    Qatar
•    Finland
•    Azerbaijan
•    Armenia
•    Greece
•    Singapore
•    Venezuela
•    Germany
•    Syria
•    Tajikistan
•    Uzbekistan
•    Sri Lanka
•    Iceland
•    Malta
•    Mexico
•    Portugal
•    Saudi Arabia
•    Austria
•    Hungary
•    Lebanon
•    Luxembourg
•    Mauritius
•    Morocco
•    Croatia
•    Belgium
•    Bulgaria
•    Jordan
•    Ireland
•    Italy
•    Cyprus
•    China
•    Liechtenstein
•    North Macedonia
•    The United States of America
•    Albania
•    France
•    Czech Republic
•    Bahrain
•    the Dominican Republic
•    Moldova

     What are you supposed to do to enter Russia?
    1. You must notify the Faculty of International Students Education through email at least 10 days before arriving in Russia about your entry date.

      In the email you must provide the following information:

- your surname, your first name(s), patronymic name (if available) in Latin letters as in your passport you are going to use to enter the Russian Federation;
- your date of birth;
- sex (male, female);
- country of citizenship;
- passport series and number;
- passport control entry point you are planning to use to cross the border.

   2. Wait for the official confirmation letter about entry permission from the University.

  3. No earlier than 3 days before entering the Russian Federation the student must do a COVID-19 test using a PCR method and, if the result is negative, receive a corresponding document in Russian or English in his country. 

   4. Within 72 hours after entering the Russian Federation, foreign students must take another PCR test. Before receiving the test results, the students must follow self-isolation at the place of their residence. The classes are taught in a distant format during the whole period of self-isolation. Foreign students are not allowed to take classes without the second negative result.

  After receiving the test result, you must send a scanned or photocopy of the result to the Faculty of International Students Education by email student is allowed to take classes in the case he had 2 negative test results.

    If you have any questions, contact the Faculty of International Students Education


    The Dean Aleksandr N. Rasstegaev
    tel.: +7(8412)204241, e-mail:


   Migration registration is done in accordance with the Rules of Migration Regulation


    For any additional information foreign nationals can contact a special Situational Centre at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation by tel.+7(495)198-00-00 or by email