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Migration Documents


Student visa to the Russian Federation is issued to foreign citizens who would like to pass academic mobility programs or get education (full-time or part-time education, language courses, professional training).

You can get such a visa if you have submitted documents to one of the higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation and have gained admittance for training. In this case, you are to provide the university with all the necessary documents. The Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support will carry out all the other procedures.

Usually the validity of student’s visa is not limited, but it is constantly prolonged depending on the training terms at the university that sent you the invitation. This means that after getting the invitation, you can submit documents and get a single entry student visa, which will be prolonged throughout the whole period of training starting with the moment of your arrival.



To get an invitation from Penza State Technological University (PenzGTU) you should send scanned copies of the following documents to the International Students Training Department by e-mail ( Don’t forget to provide your own current e-mail:

  1. International passport (the first page);
  2. Education document(s);
  3. Russian translation of your passport;
  4. Russian translation of education document(s) notarized by the Consulate (the Embassy) in your home country.

You can also apply for getting an invitation in the subdivision of the International Students’ Training Department only after having submitted all the necessary documents.

In accordance with the Immigration Regulatory Documents of the Russian Federation universities are to apply for invitations from Migration Departments issuing them on special forms. Please remember that this process takes not less than a month.

When your visa-invitation is ready, you will receive an e-mail notification. The letter will contain the E-version of your visa-invitation. To minimize financial risks, we advise you not to buy tickets to Russia until you receive a confirmation that your visa-invitation is ready.

After receiving the E-version of the visa-invitation, you are to submit documents for an entry student visa in the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in your home country. The Embassy or Consulate specifies the list of the necessary documents that must be attached to the application for the visa and notifies you when the visa is ready. For more detailed information contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation.



In accordance with visa regulations of the Russian Federation all foreign citizens are to fill in a Migration Card issued when crossing the Russian border.

You are to put down your personal data, terms of staying, purpose of the visit and would-be residence in the Migration Card. You are to fill in the columns with the name and address of the inviting organization. Please make sure that before arriving to Russia you know the name and address of the organization that issued you the visa-invitation. Visa support documents provide all the necessary information so it is important to make copies of them for future usage.

A Migration Card consists of two identical parts. The first part is submitted directly to the passport control officers at the checkpoint through the state border when entering the country, the second part – when departing from the country.



The International Students’ Training Department employee issues the temporary registration form of a foreign citizen in room 220, PenzGTU building 1.

Arrival Notification Form of a Foreign Citizen or a Stateless Person should always be on hand and looks as follows: