Russia, 440039, Penza, Pr. Baidukova / Ul. Gagarina, 1a / 11, block 1, room 220, 221, 224

Health Insurance for International Students

         Foreign students enrolled at PenzGTU are required to have medical insurance VMI (VMI stands for Voluntary Medical Insurance) for the whole study period at PenzGTU. Medical insurance can be obtained only upon arrival to Russia. Every international student must have annual medical examinations and submit medical assessment report to the Dean's office of the Faculty of International Students Education (room 1-224). In case this information is not submitted, the students will not be allowed to take classes and stay in the dormitory.


What does Medical Insurance Guarantee?

         A student is guaranteed to receive quality medical care provided they have health insurance certificate:

  • health examinations and obtaining medical assessment reports;
  • blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, photofluorography;
  • outpatient services;
  • doctor home visits;
  • emergency dental care; 
  • emergency hospitalization; 
  • ambulance and emergency medical care;
  • repatriation to the country of permanent residence.

         Medical care (except vital requirements), not included in health insurance policy beforehand, is provided on a fee-paying basis and shall be paid by students themselves.


Why Is Medical Insurance Obligatory?

        In accordance with the Federal law №114, namely art. 27, regulating rules and conditions of entry to the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen is deprived of the right to enter and travel within the country in the absence of VMI. The absence of applicant or student’s health insurance certificate is punishable for violation of Migration legislation “with fines 2000 - 5000 RUR and can result in deportation from the Russian Federation or without it”(Civil Code, art.18.8, clause 1).


How to Take Out Health Insurance?

         Before taking out health insurance, visit the employee responsible for that (room 1-224) for information about:

  • the type of health insurance program;
  • health insurance validity period;
  • required list of events covered by health insurance;
  • regulations on health examination.

What to Do if an Insured Event Occurred?

  • to get emergency medical help you should call the ambulance (112) or contact the  dormitory chief (commendant) who will help to call a doctor;
  • call the insurance company hotline stated in the contract;
  • provide the full name and date of birth of the Insured;
  • health insurance certificate number; 
  • health insurance validity period;
  • describe your symptoms;
  • state your place of residence;
  • state your telephone number;
  • have your passport and medical insurance with you when visiting a doctor.

         In some cases it is not necessary to align your visit to a doctor or doctor’s home visit with the insurance company. If such a requirement is not specified, it is enough to call a doctor or a polyclinic with contractual relations with the Insurer.


About the Rules of Entry of International Students to the Russian Federation

         In the situation of risk of spread of coronavirus infection (COVID) and following precautionary measures aimed to prevent it (3.1/2.1.0205-20 “Recommended measures on new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) prevention in educational institutions of higher education” (changes №2, 11.02.2021) international students and foreign nationals from countries with resumed air flights shall be tested on COVID-19 using a PCR method twice – no earlier than three days before entering the Russian Federation and during 72 hours after entering the Russian Federation.

         The medical documents proving the negative result of the laboratory tests on COVID-19 using a PCR method and received before and after the entry to the Russian Federation can be submitted either in Russian or in English.

         Before receiving the test results on COVID-19 using a PCR method after the entry to the Russian Federation the students must follow self-isolation at the place of their residence.

         Tests on COVID-19 (using a PCR method) are not included in medical insurance and are provided on a fee-paying basis.