Russia, 440039, Penza, Pr. Baidukova / Ul. Gagarina, 1a / 11, block 1, room 220, 221, 224

Отзывы об обучении

Ali Raydi, Syria

In 2015 I arrived to live and study in Penza, Russia. It was difficult to understand Russian at first but as time passed I realized I could understand and speak fluently. I was welcomed very warmly and cordially. Teachers and students are directly involved in the adaptation of foreign students, for which I am grateful to them. In 2016 I entered the first year course of the programme “Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Production”. I immediately started participating in different evens, e.g. “Tolerance Day”, “Intercultural Dialogue”, visited Tarkhany, M.Lermontov’s home place, attended a course of industrial design IT-Lab. But the student active core group “Olimp” impressed me most. It is a favourable event for university students. We lived in tents in the forest, cooked food over a campfire, played sports and games. It's nice to be in a new student environment and find friends with the same interests as you. I love Penza because I don’t feel like a stranger here.

Jenishbek Uulu Argen, Kyrgyzstan

My name is Zhenishbek uulu Argen . Я учился в ПензГТУ с 2016 по 2020 год. I came from far away and thought that getting used to the new student life would be difficult. But I adapted quickly at the university, made new friends, and I was happy that I chose this particular university! A few months later I met activists of PenzGTU. I was invited to the school of student asset "Olympus". I have never regretted that I have become a participant of the event. After  training at school student assets "Olympus" I had a burning desire to join in activists and become a part of their team. I was admitted to the Student Council of PenzTU. Now I startyed to help in arranging events myself. This is great for me, because every time I organize a new event, I improve and gain experience, and new talents open up in me. I was the organizer of such large-scale events as the Intercultural Dialogue, Training Day, participated in the KVN, the Student Spring and went to the Bike Ride. My student life is full of bright events! But I didn’t stop at this and I will do my best as a volunteer at the City Day and at the IV retirement Games. You do not think that all I do is to participate in student life. I do not miss my studies, I like the specialty chosen - “Vocational training”. I try hard and  I am succeed in my studies! I love PenzGTU, because it gave me much pleasant memories that will remain in my heart for the rest of my life!

Abdelhafiz Ahmed Mohsen Mostaf, Egypt

I am a student from Egypt, my name is Ahmed Abdelhafiz. I was a student of the specialty "Biotechnical systems and technologies". I like to study at  PenzGTU. Students and teachers here are very kind and always ready to help. At  first year it was very hard for me: I did not know the language and culture of Russia. But my friends and teachers helped me in everything, they explained how to behave, what to do. Now, when I have difficulties in studying, I ask the teachers and we together find a solution of the problem. I am also very pleased to feel the support of classmates and friends. We are very good friends and I am very happy here.

Al-Rtimi Baha'a-Eddin, Morocco

My name is Ertimi Bahaheddin, I am a graduate of the specialty "Biotechnology".I have been living and studying here. At PenzGTU, I learned Russian, acquired a profession, met new friends, and found new opportunities. I participated in many events for 5 years. For example, with the student squad "Maximum" we went to the winter ski marathon. During it, we visited several villages near Penza. For my activity, I was taken to the delegation from the Penza region for the World Festival of Youth and Students, which was held in the city of Sochi in 2017. This was my most vivid impression during my student years! We had a great time. Every day the festival surprised us with new scientific and sports events, meetings with famous people from all over the world, as well as with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. I was able to meet students from different countries, learn their culture at close hand, try national food. Sochi is a very beautiful city. We went on several excursions, climbed the mountains, watched the Olympic facilities. But the most important thing is that we managed to get acquainted with the youth of the whole world. I got a great experience and a lot of positive emotions. I am grateful to the university for the opportunity to become part of the world event.

Al Tlabani Ari Mustafa Rahim, Iraq

I was trained in the specialty "Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemistry and biotechnology" for the 4th year. During my studies at the university I achieved success in my studies and science. For example, at the 1st course I took part in a scientific conference with a report on the topic "Oil refining in Iraq and other countries of the East." Later, together with my tutors, we took part in the 4th Intercollegiate Conference for foreign students and published an article entitled “Features of Cultural Shock with Foreign Students”. I also did other scientific work and made projects in my future profession. I believe that in order to create the future, each student should be engaged in science and show good academic results. PenzGTU gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that I will apply in my work. I would like to thank the teachers, the curator and the dean for their support and assistance in learning.

Allotea Willingham Graham Sanjaya, Ghana

My name is Allotea Willingham Graham Sanjaya. I am a fourth year student of the “Energy and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology” programme at Penza State Technological University. Moving to another country was a real venture. Many people advised me not to do it, I heard a lot of good and bad things about Russia, weighed the risks, but I didn’t change my mind and I'm very happy about it now. I do not only get professional knowledge and skills but I am also engaged into my hobby -singing and dancing! During my first year of study I was invited to take part in a student event, where I was to sing. I had often performed in Ghana. Despite the fact that I was bad at Russian, I decided to show my quality and prepared a song. After that I participated in other events. Now my hobby is dancing. Together with the guys from Nigeria we started a group “Country Folks” and dance Russian folk dances. It was difficult at first but we succeeded. I gained a lot of cultural experience and found many opportunities for personal development. What is more, I became a volunteer - I accompanied the fans to the stadium in Saransk during the World Football Cup, I was also an interpreter and assistant. It was fantastic to meet football fans from other countries, who were going to support their favourite teams. I learnt more about Russia, visited new towns and met new people at that time. I am happy to study at PenzGTU and hope to try many new things in the future.

Azizi Madjid, Algeria

Back home in Algeria I heard a lot a about Russian culture, literature and education. Russia is believed to be one of the biggest and most influential countries in the world, especially in education. That’s why I decided to come here to study. Now I live in Penza and study at Penza State Technological University. When I came here and saw for myself that all people are friendly and sociable and help foreign students to easily adapt themselves and solve any problems, I was happy that I’d chosen Penza. I was astonished by the teachers of the university: they are very attentive to every student, ready to help in any challenging situation and supportive of any students’ initiatives. Here in Penza I’ve found real lifelong friends!

Shokhrat Joraev, Tajikistan

For former Soviet republics Russia is not only a big brother but also a place where new generations can get high-quality education. I chose Penza State Technological University because here there is a major that I always wanted to master “Saving energy and resources”. PenzGTU is a place where you can get prestigious education, fulfil your potential and meet wonderful people. Now I have completed this specialty, and I want to continue my studies in Russia. I’m really grateful to the country for the opportunity to be a part of the whole state, to learn and create new technologies, to take part in contests, to make interesting projects, to be friends with interesting people and to be a member of the team.

Miloud Ahlam, Algeria

My name is Miloud Ahlam. I come from Algeria and I am a second year student at Penza State Technological University, «Fundamental and Applied Linguistics» programme. During my first year after arriving here I faced some difficulties, the reasons for which were the complexity of the language. As time went on, I have acquired new friends, my Russian has gradually improved and I’ve got better at the University. You can get help in many issues here. All the teachers are as open and ready to help as possible. They realize that we, foreigners, do not speak Russian and try very hard to reach us. As for the University authorities, they are very kind and friendly and treat us with respect and sympathy. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to be involved into student events and every event I took part in motivated me to improve further. I am very lucky to be studying at this University and I hope that the next academic year will be even better.

Abdu Mansur Khamada Mansur Ibrahim, Egypt

I am a second year student of the “Biomedical Engineering” programme. I haven’t been studying for a long time, my life at the University is very eventful, though. I was engaged at the events from the first days of my training. For example, at the “Media guide” forum in 2019 where I presented my project “Bionic prosthetics of upper and lower limbs “RHPSN””. I won the regional stage of "Technologies of Opportunities" and went to Moscow for further participation in the All-Russia stage, where I took 4th place. I was also engaged in other scientific conferences. I wrote and published my first scientific article "THE DESIGN IMPROVEMENT OF A LOW-COST BIONIC LEG." Moreover, I've joined the university team that is going to take part in the international engineering youth forum "Engineers of the Future». I am sure that I will continue to actively participate both in the scientific activities and in the life of the university. I will definitely achieve a lot, and this experience will help me in my future work. I am grateful to the staff and the teachers and of the university who believe in me and support my initiatives.