Russia, 440039, Penza, Pr. Baidukova / Ul. Gagarina, 1a / 11, block 1, room 220, 221, 224

19.02.08 «Технология мяса и мясных продуктов»

College of Technology, Penza State Technological University

Forms of education:


Education level:


Learn: acceptance, slaughter and primary processing of livestock, poultry and rabbits, slaughter products processing, production of sausages, smoked goods and semi-finished goods, automation of technological production, humanities and social and economic disciplines.

Can do: plan, arrange and conduct technological processes for the production of meat, sausage products, canned meat, and meat products, develop technology and manufacture of new products, monitor the efficiency of equipment use, rational use of raw materials.

Works: specialists on technologies for meat production, sausage products, canned meat, and meat products.